Charlotte Mulligan

Founding member Charlotte Mulligan’s vision is respected and continues to thrive to this day at the Twentieth Century Club of Buffalo. Our Wednesday morning lecture series is the core around which the organization was founded with an appreciation for the arts, public affairs and literature. Programs include book discussion groups, specially themed dinners, bridge gatherings, Mexican train parties, evening programs and much more.

Many of today’s Club members have active careers in Western New York’s healthcare, legal, financial, real estate, marketing and academic professions. In addition, many members are active in a variety of civic and community affairs in the community.

Members enjoy participating in TCC activities and supporting the organization’s long history of promoting women. Membership is generally through referral by a current club member. However, women interested in becoming a member can be introduced to a member for a referral. Contact Erin Sullivan at Manager@TCCBuffalo.com for more information.